New Backstage Update On Dean Ambrose’s WWE Future After Raw

So is Dean Ambrose still leaving? The same question continues to remain unanswered as we head into WrestleMania 35.

Dave Meltzer gave us a backstage update on the Lunatic Fringe’s current contract status on the heels of the latest episode of Raw.

On the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer opened up about Ambrose’s impending WWE departure and confirmed that there has been no change in the WWE superstar’s mindset. Ambrose has still not signed a contract extension, and as things stand, is scheduled to leave the company after WrestleMania 35.

Meltzer checked with his sources and was informed that there is no angle or work in place as previously imagined and that Ambrose is done with WWE.

Ambrose’s contract expires sometime in the second half of April and as reported earlier, WWE is still actively trying to convince him to stick around by offering him incredibly lucrative deals.

However, the Grand Slam Champion doesn’t want the money but is more inclined towards getting some creative freedom.

It would be interesting to see how WWE utilizes Ambrose at WrestleMania and if he does decide to stay. Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon and the entire WWE management are all trying their best to change Ambrose’s mind.

Will he be convinced? What are your thoughts about the situation? Has WWE lost one of its hardest working talents? Comment below.

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