Mike Kanellis Reacts To Comments On Maria Kanellis’ New Revealing Photo

Mike and Maria Kanellis may not be lighting up 205 Live but the former WWE Diva of the Year is surely turning heads on Twitter as she put out quite a revealing photo of her herself on the social media website.

Maria’s scorching post naturally got the fans talking. A section of the fans aggressively targeted her husband Mike Kanellis for not regulating what she posts on her social media handles.

Mike replied with a well-worded tweet and shut down the bunch of absurd fans.

Mike was subjected to a lot of hate online after his wife posted the photo in question. He responded by stating that Maria’s choices are hers to make and that he backs his beautiful wife for showing off her gorgeous body. He added that most of the photos on Maria’s social media profiles are taken by him.

Here’s what he had to say:

As announced by Drake Maverick on 205 Live this week, Mike will finally get his opportunity next week as he will face a top Cruiserweight on the upcoming episode.

The 205 Live GM also stated that if Mike loses, he and his manager-cum-wife would have to leave the division. The Power of Love is in threat of losing its steam.

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