Roman Reigns On Why He Had To Protect His daughter During His Leukaemia Treatment

Roman Reigns’ leukemia treatment would have naturally taken a major toll on his body, though he never complained or mentioned anything of it. More than anything, it’s the difficulty of protecting your family and trying to reassure them that you’re safe.

With the age of the internet, a lot of information is spread online, and more often than not, that information is false. This was a major concern for Roman Reigns, who has a 11-year old daughter.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Reigns revealed why he had to protect his daughter during the treatment.

In an interview with Los Angeles times, Reigns said that he had to sit his daughter down and inform her exactly what he was going through, and made it his duty to prevent any misinformation of sorts.

Naturally, his primary concern was her reading up false reports on the internet. He elaborated, saying:

I’ve been with my wife since college, so she has been through this whole process with me,” Reigns said. “My big concern was my daughter, who is 11. So she’s right at that age where she’s hearing all those misguided opinions and hearing different things from different people. I thought that as long as she hears it from me, ‘This is what is going on with Dad, and I don’t want you to worry,’ that she would be OK. And she’s been great.

In such cases, we definitely agree that Reigns was right in making sure that he reassured his daughter and let her know what was going on. In the age of the internet, it’s easy to spread false information.

Roman Reigns has made his return and will be looking to kickstart his momentum at WrestleMania 35. He’s expected to face Baron Corbin.

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