Unseen Raw Footage Featuring Paul Heyman And Shelton Benjamin Revealed

It was an eventful episode of Raw as we saw the Shield together for the last time and many other noteworthy moments that carried various storylines forward.

The WWE Universal Championship feud between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar saw an unexpected twist as Shelton Benjamin got involved in the proceedings. The Gold Standard ambushed Rollins from the back and had a singles match with The Architect.

However, there was an unaired segment between the attack and the impromptu match that happened during the commercial break. WWE released the footage of the segment on its Youtube channel. The video gave some clarity over Benjamin’s involvement in the storyline.

During the Raw commercial break, Heyman introduced Benjamin as Lesnar’s assistant coach. The Beast’s advocate also highlighted Benjamin’s history with Lesnar as the two were tag team partners in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) in the early 2000s where they won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships on three different occasions.

Benjamin was Lesnar’s roommate and amateur wrestling assistant coach during their time at the University of Minnesota. Rollins responded by being disappointed in Benjamin, as he thought the former US Champion wasn’t the one who would execute a cowardly hit and run.

You can check out the unseen footage here:

With Brock Lesnar’s limited appearances, it sensible decision from the WWE to include Benjamin in the feud to make things interesting. It is also a good way of using a veteran in Benjamin, who would at least get some deserved TV time on the road to WrestleMania.

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