WWE Superstar Disrespects Renee Young

Lacey Evans is billed to be the next big thing in the WWE’s Women’s Division and has constantly made her presence felt despite not wrestling a single match on Raw or Smackdown.

On the latest episode of Raw, Evans got in Renee Young’s face by blocking her view with a fan. Young was expectedly frustrated with the gesture and called Evans out for the disrespectful act on Instagram.

Young mentioned in her Instagram post that she used to like Lacey Evans before the former NXT Superstar did this:


Vince McMahon and his team are really high on Evans, who is seen as one of the top superstars who will carry the women’s division after WrestleMania 35. The Lady of WWE is legitimately tough and has all the tools to succeed in the upper card of the WWE.

There have been talks going around backstage that WWE is considering to take Renee Young off commentary duties. The reason behind the proposed move is still under wraps and we should know more about the same only after WrestleMania 35.


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