Bruce Prichard Responds To Rumors Of An Affair With Stephanie McMahon

During 2001, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler was on hiatus with WWE. In this time, he went on a campaign where he disparaged WWE and several members of the WWE roster. This included comments which started rumors of Bruce Prichard having an affair with Stephanie McMahon.

Bruce Pritchard addressed the WWE rumors on his ‘Something to Wrestle‘ podcast.

On his podcast, Prichard denied the allegations vehemently. He said that the innuendo indicated that he had an affair with Stephanie McMahon, but it far from the truth.

He went on to say that this was while Jerry Lawler was in a desperate place, where he was saying things to ‘hurt’ people. He confessed that the rumor had not gone down well with his wife either, and it had affected him personally at home.

He said that the rumors affected the life of quite a few people and he even had trouble for it from his mother-in-law.

“To me, your f***ing with people’s family. Hunter and Stephanie were together and I’m married with kids and a mother-in-law, who for whatever reason, would scan and search my name from time-to-time.” – h/t Wrestling Inc

He confessed that the moment the rumor was out he called his wife to say that it was not true.

Having worked for the company for a long time until 2008, Bruce Prichard has recently rejoined WWE. He is working in a backstage role for them now.

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