4-Time WWE Champion Changes His Mind About In-Ring Return

Ever since Shawn Michaels made his in-ring return at WWE Crown Jewel last year, there has only been one burning question running through all of our minds. Will he return once again?

Look away die hard HBK fans as the latest update isn’t great.

A question was raised during WrestleVotes’ Q&A session with regards to Michaels’ comeback. It has been reported that the chances of a return are very slim and Triple H has an unfortunate role to play in the decision.

As reported by WrestleVotes, the injury suffered by Triple H convinced Michaels to call it quits on his in-ring career for good.

In a recent interview, Michaels claimed that he was content with his current role in NXT where he works with talented prospects and nurtures them for the future.

He told Sky Sports in January, “I no longer want to do it anymore and the one thing that I have found in the last several years working with NXT is the only thing better than having your own WrestleMania moment is watching and helping somebody else have theirs.”

Michaels was reportedly scheduled to take on Undertaker for the third time at WrestleMania 35 but those rumors can be put away as he doesn’t seem interested in lacing up his wrestling boots again.

Sadly for the fans, the faintest of desires have also withered away due to HHH’s injury.

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