Injured Superstar Returns And Turns Face

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Harper on WWE television. He’s been out for a long time with an injury, and former-partner Rowan returned at the Royal Rumble, aligning with Daniel Bryan.

This begged the question as to where Harper was, and according to fan reports from the latest WWE Live Event in Rochester, Harper has returned, and as a babyface at that!

Reddit user r/Bradleyharheez was in attendance at the WWE Live Event at Rochester, and posted a photo revealing that Luke Harper not only made his return to the ring, but he worked as a babyface too.


This isn’t necessarily a confirmation that he’s turning face on TV, but it’s more likely at this point. Harper had a solid babyface run at WrestleMania 33 season, but WWE completely failed to capitalise on the fan-fare and momentum that he had.

He’s an incredibly talented superstar and can be a huge asset to WWE even as a singles star. Hopefully, they utilise him better this time around.

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