Mark Henry Reveals Rumors Of Renee Young’s Pregnancy, She Responds

Renee Young is inarguably one of the most likable personalities on WWE TV and it is only obvious that she remains in the public spotlight for varied reasons.

On the recent episode of Regular Girls, she revealed the rumors flying around backstage about her pregnancy. And guess who her source was? None other than Mark Henry himself.

The WWE Hall of Famer even did Young a favor and squashed the speculation on her behalf.

On the latest edition of Regular Girls, Young revealed details about an interesting interaction she had with Mark Henry backstage at Elimination Chamber.

Young initially thought it was regarding someone questioning her work but what wasn’t the case. A producer apparently asked Henry if Young was pregnant and the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion stuck up for her by denying the speculation.

She said, “My (Henry’s) producer asked if you were pregnant.’ I was like, ‘What?! Come on?’ I don’t understand… well listen, I do understand, but like come on. Am I wearing like loose-fitting clothes? Do I have a glow? I mean how many times have I had this conversation? Just because people are trying to will this upon me — I’m not sure.”

The reports of Ambrose’ departure have naturally sparked news of Young also possibly asking for her release. However, the Raw commentator has her own career and will not be leaving WWE anytime soon. Phew!

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