Undertaker cries while Talking about former Women’s Champion in new interview

The Undertaker seems to be enjoying his time under the non-kayfabe lights of the real world as the Deadman’s out-of-character appearances in the public domain have increased in recent months.

Undertaker sat down with Pastor Ed Young for another interview in which the Phenom was his charismatic self. He spoke about the business, Vince McMahon, his WWEcareer and mythical character, amongst other things.

There was a moment during the interview when the usually intimidating Undertaker broke down while speaking about his wife Michelle McCool.

‘Taker got married to former Michelle McCool in 2010 and has a child with the former WWE Women’s Champion. He revealed how big a role she had to play in him realizing the importance of God in life. Special thanks to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription.

The Phenom mentioned that while he believed in God before he met McCool, he never led that way of life and rather opted for an excessive lifestyle. He choked up when he said, “As you can imagine, you get exposed to a lot of different things because of you do. I lived a pretty excessive lifestyle and I believed in God but I wasn’t living my life for God and somehow or another – I’m gonna get choked up. She’s awesome.”

He comically stated that he would have lost his character in the process. He went on to reveal that McCool was really scared of the Brothers of Destruction when she first joined WWE.

‘Taker mentioned that he followed a rule of not dating a co-worker until he came across McCool. He fell for her passion for wrestling and before anyone knew, she saw beyond his dark character. They began dating and McCool would eventually move to Austin, Texas.

He went on to praise her work ethic by saying, “She would get to the arenas early and try to get around to our producers and agents. She would pick their brains and try to get them to get in the ring and work with her.”

The former WWE Champion even disclosed a moment when she forced him to go to church with her. He said, “She was very persistent and she wanted me to be the man that I could be and that has nothing to do with being The Undertaker and so I went and it was the perfect circumstance at the perfect time.”

You can check out the complete interview here and the moment where Undertaker gets emotional is at 20:20.

While Undertaker isn’t expected to be back for a match at WrestleMania 35, he isn’t completely done with wrestling yet as he stated in the interview.

The iconic superstar still has something left in the tank and should be back for a few more matches before he hangs up his boots for good. For now, the Deadman is content with reading the bible and being a family man.

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