Ronda Rousey And Becky Lynch’s Twitter War Just Took Another Nasty Turn

Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch are pulling no punches in their ongoing Twitter battle, irrespective of how non-PG it may seem. The two women have indulged in a back-and-forth that even has the WWE management displeased to a certain extent.

Lynch set the ball rolling…

Ronda was at the top her game as she delivered one heck of a comeback!

We need ginger crutch ninja t-shirts on the WWE Shop asap! Anyway, The Man donned her photoshop hat and placed Ronda’s face over the body of the greatest worst actor of all time, Tommy Wiseau:

Rousey was done playing clean. What followed was a tweet that we are sure wasn’t sanctioned by the WWE, or maybe it was? Who cares? It was entertaining…

The Man followed it with a hilarious jab at Ronda’s man, Travis Browne…

Rousey chucked kayfabe out of the window (as if it was ever existent) with a proper threat:

The former SmackDown Women’s champion replied 5 hours later to check on Rousey, who had unleashed her inner Vince Russo in the earlier set of tweets:

Rousey ended it with a run-of-the-mill response:

While it has been reported that WWE management was unhappy with the language used, the company shouldn’t have a problem as it only helped build the hottest WrestleMania feud even more.

All said and done, the upcoming episode of Raw is expected to be an explosive one as Charlotte has vowed to make her presence felt. Also, we will know the status of the Raw Women’s title on a show that would have many implications on the ‘Mania card.

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