Top AEW Star and WWE Legends At Ric Flair’s Birthday Bash Ahead Of RAW (Video)

Ric Flair just turned 70 and was surprised with a birthday bash in Atalanta, GA ahead of his return to WWE RAW tomorrow night. Flair’s birthday was a star-studded and emotional event attended by a number of legends from the world of pro wrestling and sports in general.

Ric Flair’s birthday in Atalanta was attended by a number of pro wrestling legends including Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, Edge, Triple H and Shane McMahon. All Elite Wrestling star and WWE legend Chris Jericho was also at the party.

The Rock’s mother Ata Johnson was also present and you can check out this video of Charles Barley helping Ric Flair open a present from her below

Basketball legends Charles Barley and Dennis Rodman was also present. Another sporting legend who was at Flair’s birthday was boxer Evander Holyfield.

Ric Flair gave an emotional 30-minute long speech during the party and you can check out the last part below:

Ric Flair will return to WWE RAW tomorrow night to celebrate his birthday. Don’t be surprised if Becky Lynch attacks Ric Flair at one point in her continuing feud against Charlotte Flair, who took her spot at WrestleMania last week on RAW.

That decision was made by WWE CEO Vince McMahon who said he didn’t like Becky’s attitude and suspended her for 60 days.

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