WWE Taking Strong Steps To Prevent More Walkouts After Dean Ambrose

When the news was announced, it came as a shock to one and all in the WWEUniverse. Dean Ambrose will no longer be associated with WWE after WrestleMania 35.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as reported by Rajah.com, WWE is taking steps to prevent a mass exodus. They’re primarily concerned about The Usos going to All Elite Wrestling.

So, any superstars whose contracts are on the verge of expiring are now being asked to re-sign and their pay is being upped by WWE. Moreover, WWE is determined to focus on the tag team division and actually push the talent in the division, unlike in the past when they’ve been a mere sideshow.

The rumour mill indicates that WWE is really concerned about The Usos moving to AEW. This is because The Young Bucks need opponents and who better than The Usos to power up the division in the brand? The contracts for The Usos will expire in April.

Competition is good. It is good for the talent and it is good for the fans as well. Let’s hope it forces WWE to pull up its socks after letting the product deteriorate over the years.

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