Roman Reigns Goes Out Of His Way To Sign A Fan’s Autograph (Photo)

We all remember that unfortunate, fateful day when Roman Reigns announced to the world that his leukemia had returned after eleven long years. Reigns would relinquish the Universal Championship and step away from the WWE, vowing to return again.

Reigns seemed to be in great health as he met up with fans at the World of Wheels event in Pittsburgh. He even went out of his way to sign an autograph.

Roman Reigns is known for being super nice and polite to his fans. So much so, that when a fan wanted him to sign an autograph but security did not allow her colored sharpie, Roman Reigns went out of his way to make it happen.

One can only assume how thrilled the fan must have been when Reigns did this for her. It just goes to prove why Vince McMahon had entrusted Reigns with the job of being the face of the company and his hand-picked top guy. Let’s hope that Roman Reigns can come back to action sooner rather than later.

Roman Reigns vowed to the world that he will make a comeback to action and one hopes that he can. Leukemia is no joke but neither is it incurable. There’s a big chance that we’ll see him in the spotlight again.

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