The Revival Finally Address Rumors Of Leaving WWE After Raw

The rumours of The Revival asking for their WWE release hasn’t exactly been a secret in the wrestling world. It’s made rounds, with Scott Dawson’s father even Tweeting about it, seemingly confirming that they asked to be released.

On the latest episode of RAW, after winning a #1 contenders match for the RAW Tag Team Championship, The Top Guys addressed the rumours that have been making rounds on the dirtsheets and social media.

After defeating three other teams in a four corners match, The Revival, starting with Dash Wilder, spoke about all the times the had tag team title opportunities taken away from them. They vowed that there would be no conspiracy against them in 2019.

Scott Dawson addressed the elephant in the room, speaking of the rumours of The Revival asking for their WWE release. He said (H/T Ringside News):

There’s a rumor going around at The Revival. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It’s the scuttlebutt all over the place and we’re here to let you know man the rumors are true. Dash and myself plan on leaving Monday Night Raw as the Raw Tag Team Champions, but for now, Top Guys out.

It’s interesting in today’s day and age that The Revival has chosen to address the rumours.

It’s going to be interesting to see how things play out. The Revival have a future tag team title opportunity against Gable and Roode, and if the reports of them having long house show matches with the champions are true, then we may be in for a treat!

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