Kane Steps Back In The Ring at WWE Live Event And Completely Breaks Character

Well, it’s been said for a while that we may be seeing the last few glimpses of Kane in a WWE ring as The Big Red Machine has comfortably transitioned into the role of Mayor of Knoxville.

However, last night, Kane appeared at WWE’s Live event in his constituency completely out of character – and later called it “his proudest moment in a WWE ring.”

Last night, Kane appeared in a WWE ring in a way he never has before – as Glenn Jacobs.

The reason? Well, to surprise Knoxville as their Mayor with a cheque for $100,000! You can see the video below where an out of character Kane appears in the ring to address the WWE Universe.

Kane later took to Twitter to call the moment his “proudest in a WWE ring.”

Will we see Kane compete in a WWE ring ever again? Who knows, but this was something special for both Jacobs and those in attendance.

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