Dean Ambrose Breaks Character During RAW Main Event (Video)

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose slugged it out for the Intercontinental Championship on last week’s show in a huge ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ match. During the match, there was an incident that was captured on camera, that will have many of you in splits.

Ambrose has been a devious heel ever since he turned on his Shield Brother, Seth Rollins, on the same night that Roman Reigns announced to the world that he was relinquishing his Universal Championship and fighting a real-life battle of his own. And yet, he broke character during this match, to save his wife’s iPhone.

During the course of the match, Ambrose and Rollins brawled all over the arena. At one point, both of them came close to the RAW announcer’s table, where Ambrose’s wife Renee Young was providing commentary.

Young’s phone fell close to where the two men were slugging it out and it was in danger of getting damaged. Realizing this, Dean Ambrose broke character and tossed his phone to Michael Cole during the match, who promptly kept it in a safe place. Even during a hard-fought Intercontinental Championship match, Dean Ambrose remains a very loving husband.

Rollins will take on both Ambrose and Lashley in a Triple Threat next week. Will the heels team up? Will more iPhones be in danger?

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