Matt Hardy Reveals Surprising New Look

Well, we may not be seeing much of Matt Hardy these days after he seemingly confirmed his retirement from professional wrestling but, after the man himself confirmed that he was merely taking some time off to rehab some wear and tear, he’s not revealed a completely new look!

Over the past few years, Matt Hardy has worn a blonde streak in his wild mane as well as a full, greying beard, but it appears Matt Hardy’s dip in the Lake of Reincarnation may have actually been a swim in the fountain of youth as the Tag Team supremo looks almost exactly like the Hardy we’d have known from his Team Xtreme days two decades ago!

Matt Hardy’s future is still up in the air. Will he remain a WWE ambassador or transition into a backstage role? Will he return to the ring? Who knows. With such creative talent, the WWE Universe is his oyster – but Hardy now looks like youth is on his side. Only time will tell when we see Hardy next!

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