WWE Reportedly Doing All They Can To Sign Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is slated to be the biggest free agent once his contract expires at the end of this month. Several news outlets have reported that practically every major promotion in the world is trying to sign Omega, including WWE.

Ringsidenews.com and Wrestlevotes both report that WWE has done all it can to procure his talents and that if he doesn’t sign, it’s not for a lack of trying to sign him.

A new story comes out daily regarding Omega’s potential decision. Ringsidenews.com revealed that they have received differing reports as to how much was offered to Omega by WWE but that via Wrestlevotes, they have done everything they can to sign him and if he declines, it’s not for lack of trying:

Ringsidenews.com also reports that Omega was absent from NJPW’s follow up event to Wrestle Kingdom, New Year’s Dash, perhaps signalling that Omega is indeed finished with NJPW.

His deal does run through the end of the month, so he could have his rematch for the title before the deal officially runs out. He also might currently be negotiating a new contract which is why he did not appear at New Year’s Dash.

The big meeting between ROH, AEW and NJPW also reportedly happened over the last few days, so perhaps some of what went on in that discussion involved Omega.

Officially for Omega, he needs to let the days on his current deal with NJPW simply expire. Depending on his intentions, he might announce a resigning with the company towards the end of the month.

Or he could join his fellow Elite members in AEW. WWE has apparently done ‘everything it could possibly do’ in order to get him to sign with them, but only Omega knows what he truly wants to do.

If he can get in writing the promises that were made by WWE and guarantees of character control, then he could strongly consider WWE’s offer.

A lot of fans would love him to see him in WWE while many would rather he stay out of the promotion because they feel WWE might not book him as well as he should be booked.

Whatever Omega decides to do this month, one thing is for sure, the whole world of professional wrestling will be waiting with baited breath for his decision.

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