The Undertaker Makes A Rare Non-WWE Appearance

Until recently, it was rare indeed to see The Undertaker out of character. In recent times, he has been a lot more lax about breaking character, even doing full-length shoot interviews.

More recently, he was part of a documentary from Onnit stories, that chronicles the journey of two independent wrestlers, who’re chasing the WWE dream. I’d like to thank WrestleZone for the heads-up.

Both Aaron Solow and Ricky Starks, the two men upon whom the documentary is based have been involved in WWE in the past. Most recently the two men teamed up to face The Revival in January of 2018. Aaron Solow is married to Bayley. Here is the documentary that you need to see.

The Undertaker tells road stories and also gives advice to the two aspiring professional wrestlers in the video. He shows up at the 6-minute mark, out of character, and is shown to be friendly and cordial. It’s great to see him pass on his knowledge and wisdom to future generations.

Will The Undertaker be part of WrestleMania 35 at all? He’s always booked for an appearance on the show, so I don’t see why not. Sound off and let me know whom he could potentially face at the show of shows.

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