5 big things Vince McMahon could be planning for Kenny Omega

There’s no denying why WWE is so adamant in bringing one of the biggest names in sports entertainment today, Kenny Omega.

‘The Cleaner’ is widely popular among professional wrestling fans and understands the entertainment side of it like no other.

With reliable publications suggesting that Omega has still not refused his WWE contract offer, the internet has gone wild with legions of wrestling fans constantly monitoring the situation.

Considering that Vince McMahon desperately needs a fresh start to his business, bringing Kenny Omega could bring some serious attention from all over the world. Despite the formation of ‘All Elite Wrestling’, Kenny Omega’s road to the Grandest Stage of Them All seems pretty, pretty authentic.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep and analyze the 5 big things Vince McMahon could be planning for Kenny Omega.

#1 Debuting him with a bang as the last entrant in the Royal Rumble match

This will be earth-shattering
This will be earth-shattering

A genuine reason why WWE needs Kenny Omega is due to the amount of fan following he would bring to the table, especially during this season.

This is the time when all the casual WWE fans tune into the show to get a good look at the product, and with Omega being so popular, debuting him at the Royal Rumble would be a colossal success.

Like AJ Styles, bringing the biggest name in professional wrestling at the Royal Rumble could receive one of the loudest receptions in the event’s history, making the show even more newsworthy.

Getting mainstream attention with Omega could be huge, but bringing him as the final entrant could be extremely special and rewarding.

Considering that R-Truth would most likely be involved in a comic angle with his spot, entering someone special, like Omega, to fill the final spot could be huge.

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