Update On Rhyno’s Current WWE Status After Being Fired On Raw

Rhyno was fired from Raw last night after he was unable to defeat Heath Slater in a match that was sanctioned by General Manager Elect Baron Corbin, but is this WWE’s way of allowing the former Tag Team Champion to depart the company.

Rhyno has been underutilized over the past few months, so his departure wasn’t that much of a shock, but if this was the way that Rhyno leaves the company after more than two decades then it does seem harsh.

According to PWInsider, Rhyno is still booked to be part of WWE’s upcoming live events in Chile and Argentina, but it’s unknown if these are commitments that the star signed up for ahead of his departure and could now be forced to finish them before he can leave.

Rhyno has been removed from Monday Night Raw for the foreseeable future, but there is nothing preventing the new General Manager after Corbin from bringing him back or even WWE moving him over to SmackDown Live.

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