WWE Superstar teases return to Raw in new role

It’s been a while since ‘Delete’ chants reverberated on WWE TV but it may not stay the same for long. Matt Hardy took to Twitter and expressed his interest in becoming the Raw General Manager after picking up on a phrase from Baron Corbin’s promo that went relatively unnoticed on the most recent episode of Raw.

Most fans failed to notice a new yet unnecessary promo bit by Baron Corbin on the latest episode of Raw. We don’t blame them as this week’s severely monotonous episode of Raw had nothing to rave about. Anyway, Corbin referred to himself as the ‘General Manager Elect’ instead of the usual ‘Acting General Manager’.

While it may not be anything major, Matt Hardy is all in for the imaginary elections and pitched himself to become the new GM. His twisted compeer Bray Wyatt was the first man to give his backing followed by Mike Rome and various other Woken Warriors on Twitter.

Corbin is expected to take on Braun Strowman at the upcoming TLC PPV. Despite undergoing surgery, the Monster Among Men is rumoured to be fit enough to wrestle and should be back on Raw next week itself. As per the stipulation of the traditional TLC match, Strowman gets a shot at the Universal title at the Royal Rumble if he wins and Corbin gets stripped of his acting GM title.

On the flipside, the Lone Wolf will be promoted as the full-time GM if he overcomes Strowman’s ominous challenge.

Personally, WWE should take a cue from Hardy and get him back as the GM of Raw. The Woken GM shtick would surely be more entertaining than what’s currently being offered by WWE. #WokenAuthority

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