Ronda Rousey Reveals What It Was Like To Take Her First Chair Shot

Ronda Rousey took her first-ever chair shot from SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch this past Monday night on RAW in the SmackDown Live invasion angle. In a Q & A on her website, Rousey was asked about how her first chair shot felt and her answer may surprise you!

When asked about her upcoming Survivor Series match with Charlotte, Rousey stated that if it was up to her, she would have had more experience before stepping in the ring with someone elite like Flair, but she’s ready to seize the opportunity regardless.

As for taking her first chair shot on Monday, Rousey actually seemed to like it, saying (H/T Fox Sports Asia):

It was so cool. It was really really cool. It was really cool to actually get my first chairshot. I was almost honoured to be, in that kind of setting, to be my first chairshot

Rousey seemed very enthusiastic about taking the chairshots. She described it as a Pandora’s box for her, saying:

I can how it’s a slippery slope to get addicted to this kind of thing. I can take more than 2 (laughs). You know, it’s like, when is it too much? I’m an envelope pusher and so it’s probably not a good Pandora’s Box to open for me

Ronda Rousey takes on Charlotte Flair in an impromptu dream match at Survivor Series. Who’s going to prevail? Will Rousey’s unbeaten streak continue?

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