Matt Riddle calls out Brock Lesnar after WWE Crown Jewel victory

Brock Lesnar became the first ever two-time Universal Champion at WWE Crown Jewel when he defeated Braun Strowman for the vacated championship. However, the champ couldn’t even rest for a full day before being called out by another MMA turned WWE star.

On Twitter, Matt Riddle called out Brock Lesnar once again, claiming that he’s “right where he needs him.”

Riddle continued on to say, yet again, that he’ll be retiring Brock Lesnar in a couple of years.The newest NXT acquisition is known for making some pretty outlandish goals for himself, but he’s also known for reaching them. With two former MMA stars in their ranks, it’s not hard to assume that the WWE would consider this a pretty captivating matchup.

With Riddle in the prime of his life and a lot of time to carve out an iconic career in the WWE, maybe it’s not crazy to think that he may one day get a shot at the WWE’s top heavyweight.

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