Braun Strowman Makes A Statement After Raw Goes Off The Air

Baron Corbin spent the entire episode of Monday Night Raw this week avoiding Braun Strowman following his actions at Crown Jewel, but after Raw went off the air, Strowman found a way to send a message to the acting General Manager.

Baron Corbin left the show early and put Drew McIntyre in the main event in his place and even though Strowman tried to chase down his car, he was unable to catch him which is why he waited until after Raw to send a message.

Raw kicked off with Corbin announcing that Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre were the first two men in the Raw Survivor Series team, as well as stating that Strowman would be the third if he learned his lesson. Following McIntyre’s win over Kurt Angle, Ziggler joined him in the ring and the two men went to attack the WWE Hall of Famer before backup arrived.

Strowman then attacked his two Survivor Series partners and former allies and delivered three running powerslams to Ziggler before McIntyre hit him with a Claymore Kick. The Scottish star was distracted and gave Strowman enough time to recover to hit another running powerslam.

The Monster Among Men then ripped off his shirt and celebrated with the WWE Universe in Manchester.Stephanie McMahon will return to Raw next week where she will address the actions of Baron Corbin and will also be joined by Brock Lesnar who is another name on Strowman’s hit list at present.

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