Ember Moon Gets Married To Independent Star

Ember Moon has been rising up the ranks ever since she made her debut in the main roster. And now, she has more reason to celebrate, because she just got married to the love of her life!

Ember Moon and independent star, Matthew Palmer, tied the knot recently. What made the occasion even more special was that it was a Game of Thrones/Harry Potter themed wedding ceremony.

Ember Moon incorporates an element of fantasy in her gimmick and it is no surprise that she is a fan of the Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones franchise. There were many posts on Twitter that gave us a look at the unique wedding ceremony.

This is an even better look at what the ceremony actually looked like, posted by Jason Cade on his Twitter account. As one can see the happy couple seemed to be completely at home, with the unique theme.

As one would expect, fans wrote in and congratulated the happy pair. And so did Ember Moon’s peers. Natalya was one of the first to congratulate Moon.

Ember Moon is considered to be one of the most promising superstars in the RAW women’s division. It remains to be seen how she figures into a division dominated by Ronda Rousey. But the cream always rises to the top and Moon should receive her due soon.

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