Triple H Reveals Why Roman Reigns’ leukemia Battle Wasn’t Made Public Sooner

The WWE Universe was handed a body blow earlier this week when it was revealed that Universal Champion Roman Reigns was struggling with leukaemia and was then forced to relinquish the title.

Many fans have questioned why Reigns didn’t make his cancer battle public a long time ago when fans were turning their back on him, and during a recent appearance on New York’s Elvis Duran Show, the WWE COO Triple H revealed that this was because Reigns didn’t want to be pitied, instead he wanted to show the WWE Universe what has was able to achieve despite his illness.

It is unknown how long Reigns will be sidelined for now since he hasn’t been given a timeline for a return, but what is known is that the former World Champion will be given a thunderous ovation the next time he decides to dust off his wrestling boots.

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