Roman Reigns Announced For First Public Appearance Next Year

Roman Reigns announced that he would be forced onto the sidelines of the wrestling business last week on WWE Raw, but the former Universal Champion will apparently still be able to make public appearances for the company.

Roman Reigns was recently announced as one of the initial guests for Ace Comic-Con in Arizona next year. Reigns will appear alongside Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, and Lilian Garcia as part of their wrestling line-up, but as ever this announcement is subject to change since Reigns’ health is paramount, and it’s hard to predict three months in advance.

Roman Reigns isn’t expected to make any WWE appearances for the rest of the year, but Ace Comic Con takes place from January 11th -13th next year, which will be when WWE is building towards The Royal Rumble, an event that Roman Reigns has already left his mark on over the years.

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