Dean Ambrose Once Again Assaults Seth Rollins At A WWE Live Event

After capturing the Raw Tag Team Titles on an emotional episode of Monday Night Raw last week, Dean Ambrose shocked the world when he finally turned his back on long-term Shield brethren, Seth Rollins.

Continuing their feud forward, Ambrose once again assaulted Rollins at a recent WWE Live Event in Kentucky last night.

At a recent WWE Live Event in Corbin, Kentucky, current WWE Intercontinental Champion and one half of the new Raw Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins called out his fellow tag team partner Dean Ambrose and asked for an explanation for his surprise assault last week on Raw.

This eventually led to Ambrose once again attacking Rollins from the back, as the former WWE Champion blindsided ‘The Architect’ and hit him with yet another Dirty Deeds to leave Rollins laying in the ring all by himself.

It was reportedly also noted that following the assault, Rollins, apparently, threw down his Tag Team Title in the ring as he made his way to the locker room area.

Dean Ambrose’s shocking heel turn is certainly a bit too confusing right now, given that both he and Rollins are currently in possession of the Raw Tag Team Titles. However, one thing the WWE Universe should get excited for is yet another heated rivalry between Ambrose and Rollins is almost upon us.


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