Cody Rhodes posts heartfelt message about Roman Reigns

In the past, WWE star Roman Reigns and The Bullet Club have had their fair share of issues, however, following Reigns’ revelation of his 11-year-long battle with leukemia, almost every single Pro Wrestler from around the globe have sent their regards and prayers towards ‘The Big Dog’.

Current IWGP US Champion, Cody Rhodes, recently also offered Reigns his condolences for his on-going battle with leukemia.

Due to his on-going battle with leukemia, Reigns, unfortunately, had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship this week on Raw and eventually received a lot of support from not only WWE wrestlers, but from other notable competitors from around the globe as well.

ROH star and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rhodes also sent out a heartfelt message to Reigns by stating that the former Universal Champion is quite arguably one of the biggest stars in the world, but more importantly, is a great father and a loving husband as well.

Additionally, Cody also sent his best wishes to ‘The Big Dog’ stating that the whole world is praying for Reigns and he will eventually beat leukemia once again.

We sincerely hope for Roman Reigns’ well being and pray that ‘The Big Dog’ will beat leukemia and make his grand return to the WWE once again.

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