WWE Promotes Return of nWo

After PWInsider recently reported that Hulk Hogan may return to WWE at the upcoming Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, another strong sign has emerged that Hogan is back in WWE’s good graces – as WWE are promoting the reunion of the nWo!

But is this a hint that we may see the faction back in WWE…?

The nWo is one of the biggest factions ever to exist in wrestling, and the group of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan have confirmed they will reunite on October 27th – if only for an appearance.

Tickets are on sale via Hulk Hogan’s website, which WWE tweeted out the link for.

Today, though, WWE have seemingly endorsed the deal and hinted that WWE may be open to bringing Hulk Hogan back to the fore. There have been several rumours this year that Hulkamania may yet run wild again in WWE, but this may be the strongest hint yet.

There was also a recent rumour that Hogan may very well be a part of Crown Jewel.

Well, only time will tell whether Hulk Hogan will make a return to WWE – but you would have to think that it’s definitely possible if not probable.

Who knows, maybe we even see nWo show up at Crown Jewel during DX vs the Brothers of Destruction…

As for the nWo reunion, it takes place on Saturday, October 27th at Mango’s Tropical Cafe with an autograph signing at Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando, Florida.

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