John Cena Reveals Reason For New Hair, Arm Wrestles Shaquille O’Neal

Well, it’s been the talk of the town since WWE Super Show-Down – what’s going on with John Cena’s new hairstyle? The 16-time WWE Champion appeared on The Today Show to promote his new children’s book, Elbow Grease, and revealed all – as well as fitting in an arm-wrestling contest with Shaquille O’Neal!

While John Cena has transitioned to somewhat of a part-time attraction within WWE, the 16-time World Champion still makes sure that when he shows up, it’s memorable! John Cena has taken Hollywood by storm, but he still finds time to make sure he pulls his weight in WWE.

Not content with that, though, Cena also revealed earlier this year that he’d be releasing his own children’s book, tackling themes of dedication and adversity. According to Mashablethe book follows a Monster Truck named Elbow Grease who’s the runt of his mechanical litter and feels out of place, especially compared to his four older brothers. The story is said to be an inspirational tale that sees Elbow Grease prove to everyone that, no matter what obstacles are in his way, he has “the guts, grit, and gumption to do big things”.

The book is inspired by Cena’s own experiences, as he grew up with his four older brothers in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

John Cena was a guest on The Today Show alongside Shaquille O’Neal today to promote his new book, Elbow Grease, and showed up with a copy of the book especially for Shaq, which you can see in the video below. However, there was one burning question for the WWE legend – “What’s with the hair?”

Cena has swapped his traditional flat-top buzz cut for a more scruffy look as he grows out his hair, as well as showing off a very trim figure. Cena confirmed, though, that his new hairstyle is down to a movie he’s shooting, where the character he portrays required a different hairstyle to his traditional flat-top buzz. The 16-time World Champion wouldn’t reveal too much more, though. What’s more, Cena and Shaq even arm-wrestled on the show!

John Cena is currently living in China and has hinted he may be there for a few more months yet – however, he is confirmed for one upcoming WWE event – the Super Show-Down in Saudi Arabia. Will he have chopped his locks off by then? We’ll need to wait to find out.

As for what the role is that required long hair, that’s still an enigma. Let’s just hope he’s not agreed to star in a remake of Tarzan or the questions surrounding Cena’s locks may just continue…

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