Neville No Longer Under Contract With WWE

Well, it’s been one of the longest running sagas outside of the ring for the past two years, but Neville’s WWE future has finally been resolved, as it’s been confirmed by Pro Wrestling Sheet that the former Cruiserweight Champion is no longer under contract with WWE.

Well, it’s been almost a whole year since Neville reportedly walked out on WWE after losing his Cruiserweight Championship to Enzo Amore.

The rumours at the time stated that Neville was unhappy with where he was at in WWE after coming off of a hot streak as a heel Cruiserweight Champion and, while never confirmed, Neville was never seen again on WWE and had moved back to the UK with his wife.

Recent rumours suggested that, much like Rey Mysterio’s in the past, Neville’s contract had been frozen and would continue from his exit last year upon his return to the company.

Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed today that former Cruiserweight Champion Neville is no longer under contract with WWE – although the circumstances are still hazy.

While details are scarce, a source with direct knowledge of the situation has now confirmed Neville – formerly known as PAC – is not tied down to a WWE deal as of this moment.

The article suggests that the timeframe of Neville and WWE’s parting of ways is unclear, and thus a no compete clause may be in effect – but this is not confirmed.

Well, we’ll need to wait and see. It’ll be interesting to see if Neville’s Twitter account shows any activity over the coming days now, as his last tweet is one from a year ago criticising the merchandise WWE released for him.

Will All In just a week away, there could be some surprises to come, but only time will tell!

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