Jason Jordan Reportedly Produces Match On SmackDown Live

Jason Jordan hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in more than six months and has now seemingly made the transition into being a backstage producer for WWE.

Jordan was written off WWE TV following The Royal Rumble back in February when it was reported that he would need neck surgery following a minor injury.

There were then reports that Jordan could make his return to WWE following WrestleMania 34, but complications with his injury have held him back in recent months and are the main reason why he is yet to be cleared.

Jordan has since been working backstage in WWE, which is why there have been various reports that the former Tag Team Champion has been backstage for a number of weeks.

Jordan is a former Tag Team Champion but it has been reported that he has been tasked with making the transition into being a backstage producer in WWE since he has been unable to return to the ring over the past few months.

ProWrestling.com is now reporting that Jordan was the one behind the match between Naomi and Peyton Royce on SmackDown Live this week, a match that ended with a Royce victory following a Fisherman’s suplex. It is unknown if the feud between the two women will continue.

Naomi and Royce had a solid match last night on SmackDown and if Jordan isn’t able to be cleared to return to the ring in the coming months then it could be a decent change of career for him.

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