Latest Update On Aiden English’s Health After Receiving A Tombstone Piledriver

How badly hurt was English after the Tombstone Piledriver?

At the Greatest Royal Rumble, Aiden English decided to get involved with the proceedings at various points during the Underaker vs. Rusev match. He paid for his efforts by receiving a brutal Tombstone Piledriver from the legendary Dead Man.

The WWE Universe was terrified about Aiden English’s condition because it seemed like his head connected with the mat after the move was delivered. Thanks to PWInsider and NoDQ, we now know that Aiden English is fine and was just selling the move after it was delivered, when he was helped to the back.The Undertaker and Rusev faced off in a casket match at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, where The Undertaker managed to make short work of the Bulgarian brute. At various points during the match, Aiden English would get involved in the proceedings, protecting his Bulgarian comrade in arms.

The Undertaker would thereafter take his ire out on Aiden English as well, placing both Rusev and English in the casket to pick up a big win

All of the internet was shocked when the Tombstone was delivered and it looked like English may have been legitimately injured. The buzz grew stronger when he was helped to the back by a host of WWE referees and officials.

It remains to be seen if The Undertaker will compete yet again in the year 2018. He’s wrestled twice already in the span of a month. While his matches did not go long, this is still quite an anomaly.

PWInsider did report subsequently that English is fine and was merely selling the effects of the Tombstone Piledriver. The internet wrestling community just got worked by English.

It is well known that The Undertaker is one of the safest workers in the entire business. While accidents can always happen, The Undertaker is always known to be very careful while delivering his moves.

Thus, I did not believe at any point that English was legitimately hurt.

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