Batista destroys Titus O’Neil over Greatest Royal Rumble botch

We simply cannot stop laughing

The Greatest Royal Rumble saw a sum total of 50 superstars compete in the ring in the biggest Royal Rumble match. WWE superstar Titus O’Neil had the moment of the event when he slipped and slid under the ring.

All of social media went crazy as they posted .gifs and clips of this botch. Dave Batista was especially savage about this particular incident.

There were many botches that happened through the course of the night. Perhaps none made the kind of waves that this one did, with constant replays being shown and the announcers making fun of again and again.

Titus O’Neil decided to take the incident in his stride and posted the following message on his Twitter:

Natalya decided to give the botch a positive spin and posted the following message on her official account:

Unlike Natalya, Batista was not kind to Titus O’Neil at all. If anything, he was particularly savage. He posted the following on his official Twitter account and sent the Twitter machine into a tizzy:

It was clear that Batista, who is a good friend of O’Neil in real life, did not mean any malice with this Tweet considering that O’Neil would subsequently Retweet it. Zack Ryder posted a similar Tweet as well, only not nearly as scathing as Batista:

It is clear that the internet will not forget this botch for a while. Weeks down the line, the IWC will move on to the hot new viral video and this incident will be forgotten. O’Neil can either ride the wave of momentum or wait for the social media trolls to forget.

This was the absolute highlight of the entire 6-hour long show. I did find the whole episode quite amusing overall.

This ranks up there with The Shockmaster and Sid’s ‘half the man’ promo.

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