Enzo Amore Retiring From Professional Wrestling?

Enzo Amore may be done with wrestling for good.

Enzo Amore may be about to retire from wrestling for good. The Certified G superstar posted on his Instagram account after a long time which has since led to speculation that he is retiring from wrestling and is set to head for pastures new. Amore had previously put up a story in the past few days on his Instagram account which suggested that he had something big planned.

When Amore made his debut on the main roster alongside his partner, Big Cass, it seemed like the duo was meant for big things.

Since that time, things changed drastically for both of them. Due to backstage heat he had with other stars, he was not in the good books of the management.

His loud personality got on the nerves of those in charge backstage and thus his booking suffered.

He and Big Cass were broken up, and just as it looked like Cass was about to get a push, he suffered a serious injury from which he has only recently returned.

Amore, on the other hand, was sent to 205 Live, and things were actually looking up for him when he became the Cruiserweight Champion. Soon after, in January, things went badly for him yet again.

He faced sexual harassment accusations, for which he was suspended before being released the following day.

more maintained silence on social media, ever since he was accused of rape. Though the actual rape accusation and the situation surrounding accusations remain vague, there is an investigation in progress on the same.

Amore posted a photo of two Jordan shoes hanging from a telephone wire, saying, “I T ‘ S * B E E N * R E A L” in the caption.

This may mean that he is using the proverb of hanging up boots and that he is retiring from wrestling. He posted a story of the same image with a WWE image attached to it.

I T ‘ S * B E E N * R E A L ✌🏼

A post shared by T H A N K Y O U ☝🏼 (@real1) on

This may mean that he is bidding farewell to his WWE fans, and he will continue wrestling outside WWE. This may also mean that Amore plans to retire from wrestling and pursue a career in some other activity.

Amore had previously talked about a career in rapping, and the Real One may look to find his feet in that industry.

Nothing is clear at this moment, as this is pure conjecture on the basis of the photo that he posted.

Amore retiring from wrestling may be best for him at the moment. With the accusations of rape still hanging over his head, it is unlikely too many promotions will jump to sign him.

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