Paige Is In A Brand New Relationship

This time, it isn’t anyone from the wrestling business.

After what seems like an age, we’re happy to report a somewhat positive development in the life of WWE superstar Paige. According to Metal Injection, she’s seeing the bassist of the band ‘Attila’, Kalan Blehm.

They have been seeing each other for a while, from the looks of the pictures that Blehm shared on Instagram. After quite a while, Paige seems happy with the world.

Paige is one of the most talented women in WWE history, at least from an in-ring perspective. She was a central character in the Women’s Evolution, but luck was never on her side, through the course of her career.

From injuries to wellness violations to private moments being leaked on the internet to a stray kick from Sasha Banks ending her career, the last two years have been far from happy for the English superstar.

Her highly publicized relationship with Alberto El Patron was also full of controversial moments, including a very public spat.
Paige has seemed genuinely happy in the pictures that she’s shared with Blehm on Instagram. She does deserve much happiness in life, considering all that she’s endured at the age of 25.

She’s always had a thing for rockers. Previously, she was in a relationship with Kevin Skaff, from the band ‘A Day to Remember’. We wish Paige and Blehm all the best with their relationship. May the two of them stay very happy indeed.

From the looks of it, Paige’s career is over for good. Let’s hope that she can find another role in the company, maybe as a trainer or an announcer. She continues to accompany Absolution when they make their way to the ring.

Wishing this happy couple a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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