Baron Corbin Or Dolph Ziggler To Be Added To WWE Title Match At Fastlane

The ‘Land of Opportunity’ strikes again

SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon has just made a huge announcement concerning the main event of SmackDown’s next PPV, Fastlane. McMahon stated that the winner of Dolph Ziggler Vs. Baron Corbin will be added to the match, changing it from a Triple Threat, to a Fatal Fourway.

On the recent episode of SmackDown Live AJ Styles interfered in the #1 Contendership match between ‘Best Friends’ Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, earning himself a Triple Threat WWE Title defence at SmackDown’s upcoming pay-per-view Fastlane.

Dolph Ziggler’s return to SmackDown Live was also announced, with a match against Baron Corbin advertised for next week’s show. However, Ziggler walking out on the show wasn’t mentioned at all and they seemed to be completely downplaying his return.

Whilst SmackDown Live has focused on the feud between Zayn and Owens against McMahon with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles also inexplicably involved, this new announcement definitely changes things up a bit.

This could be SmackDown returning to its roots as the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and it also will go some way to silence the people complaining that for several months SmackDown has only been about Shane McMahon and ‘Kami’ as AJ Styles calls them.

I’m also hoping that this will go some way to explaining Dolph Ziggler’s return. Maybe Shane McMahon arranged for Ziggler to come back after promising him an opportunity to go for the WWE Title.

This is certainly a welcome twist in the tale of SmackDown Live’s main event and I honestly think the addition of either Baron Corbin or Dolph Ziggler into the WWE Title main event of Fastlane will help to make the match better and more unpredictable. We’ll have to wait and see what happens when the two clash on SmackDown.

I wonder how this will affect Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn going forward, will they find themselves a new ally in their fight against authority, or will they alienate themselves from yet another person on SmackDown Live. It’s all getting a little bit interesting.

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