Matt Hardy References Bray Wyatt’s Husky Harris Character

Well, this isn’t going to sit well with Wyatt!

On an edition of the McMahonsplaining podcast, Matt Hardy opened up on a myriad of topics.

Hardy spoke about his settlement with Anthem over the usage rights of the Broken gimmick, and also revealed what would happen if Bray Wyatt is thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation. Besides, Hardy also addressed the possibility of Jeff Hardy returning as Brother Nero.

While Matt Hardy gained considerable notoriety in his portrayal of his Broken persona in 2016, Jeff Hardy’s own version of a ‘Broken’ character, Brother Nero, was also well-received by the fans.

Besides, it was in late-2017 that Hardy reached a settlement in his legal dispute with Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem over the intellectual property rights of the Broken gimmick; following which, he began portraying himself as ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy on WWE programming

Matt Hardy alluded that whatever differences existed between himself and Anthem are now in the past, and all parties have moved on from the dispute. Hardy added that this opens the door to several past characters from the Broken Universe to appear in the WWE, with a few new ones as well.

Furthermore, Hardy also explained what would happen if Bray Wyatt is thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation; stating—

“That’s a very interesting question. I would first be concerned he’s gonna come back as a disgusting ‘Husky Harris.’ That would be my first concern. The second concern, which isn’t as much a concern but would be my hope, is that between myself and the Seven Deities, if we could delete this demon that lives within him, this Sister Abigail, we could dump him in and he could return to the force that he used to be.”

Hardy continued that once upon a time, Bray Wyatt was ‘not a bad guy’, but it’s Sister Abigail who took over his vessel and turned him into something evil. Hardy pointed out that Wyatt could be a soldier of the light in the future, and that we ought to get rid of the notorious, nefarious Sister Abigail.

Hardy also reiterated that he’d love to see Jeff Hardy return as Brother Nero or the Charismatic Enigma, with the WWE Universe witnessing the latter’s transformation as he assists Matt in the Great War.

Matt Hardy is presently involved in a feud with Bray Wyatt on Monday Night RAW—something that’s expected to continue over the next few weeks. On the other hand, Jeff Hardy is expected to be out of action owing to his injury until April of this year.

Matt Hardy is spot-on with his take as to how Jeff could potentially return as the Charismatic Enigma and then transform into his Broken/Woken self.

Besides, who’d like to see Husky Harris emerge from the Lake of Reincarnation? Here’s an example of the results the lake is capable of producing—


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