Update On Brock Lesnar And Kane Following Braun Strowman’s Attack

How does Braun Strowman top tipping over an ambulance? Pulling down a giant structure onto his enemies, That’s How!

Braun Strowman brutally attacked Brock Lesnar and Kane on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw and the effects of the attack have been revealed by WWE.

WWE issued a news update with the following information on Kane and the Universal Champion:

After Braun Strowman used a grappling hook to tear down a lighting truss and send it crashing down on Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Kane, WWE.com can confirm that Lesnar is undergoing examination by WWE medical personnel.

Kane, meanwhile, refused medical attention.

It is unknown how this incident will affect the Universal Championship Triple Threat Match at Royal Rumble involving all three Superstars

The attack from Strowman came after Lesnar and Heyman came to the ring and discussed the outcome of the triple threat match booked for the Royal Rumble. As Lesnar made his way back up the ramp, he was blindsided by Kane and the two brawled backstage.

Strowman would join the brawl and attack both of his future opponents. After brutally attacking both men, Strowman would use a grappling hook to pull down a lighting truss onto both Lesnar and Kane.

Kane got back to his feet on his own power, but the attack seemed to have a much greater effect on Lesnar.

This will likely be used in the story for their Royal Rumble match and may mirror the 2015 triple threat match between Lesnar, John Cena, and Seth Rollins where the Beast Incarnate had to fight through a kayfabe injury to come back and win the match.


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