The Undertaker VS Sting Dream Match At WrestleMania 34

Will this epic encounter ever become a reality? At WrestleMania 34 New Orleans, Louisiana,

Sting vs The Undertaker is one match WWE fans have wanted for nearly two decades at this point, but it never quite came together except for one match in September 1990 under the WCW banner when Taker was still Mean Mark Callous.

Of course, that match in Greensboro, North Carolina was never filmed so the only way fans have to see that epic matchup in the ring involves a video game.

Sting was the poster child for WCW back in the day with his brightly coloured facepaint and blonde hair. He embodied not only an image of what people thought was cool during that day and age but he also presented a clean-cut babyface people could get behind.

His move set might not be deemed extreme by today’s standards, but he was innovative and exciting during that time.

On the other hand, The Undertaker was the man who led WWE’s locker room through many eras of the company and was always a force that could be relied on both in front of and behind the camera.

His battles with smaller men like Shawn Michaels were legendary, therefore many assumed a match against Sting would have a similar result.

But in 2018, two years after Sting retired during his WWE Hall Of Fame induction, it doesn’t seem likely fans will ever get this match. But is that a bad thing? After all, even if WWE could pull off a miracle and book The Undertaker vs Sting, you would have Stinger who is 58-years-old facing The Undertaker who is currently 52.

With that kind of age in the ring, this match would be but a shadow of what it could have been if both men had locked up in their prime.

If Sting would have arrived in WWE ten years earlier instead of spending so much time in TNA, WWE’s history could very well be full of matches between the two ring generals. But it never happened and Sting played in Dixie Carter land for a very long time before finally arriving in WWE for a small handful of matches and an eventual retirement.

So, even though you can never say never in WWE, it might be a good idea to give up a lot of hope in this match ever becoming a reality. But every year around WrestleMania, people will speculate and throw out rumour and innuendo concerning the idea of The Dead Man and The Vigilante having that one great match.

Both of these legends in sports entertainment have put their bodies through a lot of abuse during their careers and while The Undertaker could always come back for another match, Sting declared he is finished with his in-ring career.

It might be best, in the end, to let this one epic dream match that never was be, because sometimes it’s better for something to not happen at all rather than let it take place and disappoint in the process.

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