Abu Dhabi, UAE, December 8, 2017

The Monday Night Raw roster returns for a second straight night of action!

The Monday Night Raw roster returned to the Zayed Sports City Tennis Stadium in Abu Dhabi, UAE on Friday evening for another WWE Live event that featured Triple H taking on Roman Reigns for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.The night before in Abu Dhabi was a landmark evening as for the first time ever, there was a WWE women’s match in the United Arab Emirates when Alexa Bliss defended her WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks.Speaking of last night’s event, the main event was The Shield against Samoa Joe and The Bar. After the match, Triple H confronted Roman Reigns while the other Shield members were still in the ring to set up the main event of tonight’s show.In addition to the main event, there were five other matches on the card including two other title matches, a battle of former NXT Champions, and much more.Speaking of those former NXT Champions, they kicked off the second night in Abu Dhabi…

#1 Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor


The first match of the evening saw an old feud reignited between two former NXT Champions Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.The night before in Abu Dhabi, Finn Balor was able to defeat Bray Wyatt while Samoa Joe was on the losing end of the main event against The Shield.Unfortunately for Joe, the losing ways in Abu Dhabi continued, and Finn Balor picked up the victory for a second straight evening.

Result: Finn Balor defeated Samoa Joe


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