Jeff Hardy on when he can start weightlifting

  1. Positive news on Jeff Hardy’s WWE comeback status.

In an interview posted by the WWE, Jeff Hardy revealed when exactly he can resume weightlifting training.Hardy asserted that per his doctors, he can indeed start lifting weights and focus on making gains after another month:

Jeff Hardy suffered a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff during a match in September of this year, and has been on the shelf ever since.One ought to note that Hardy’s injury leaves his arm in quite a delicate condition that usually requires surgery.

In reference to shoulder injuries of the sort, the injured person is generally disallowed from engaging in any kind of intense training until the shoulder is adequately healed. That in turn, has resulted in Jeff Hardy visibly losing some of his muscle tone and gains—something the ‘Charismatic Enigma’ expounded upon—“So far so good, my physical therapist says it’s moving great.””It doesn’t feel great, naturally it hurts, I can only do so much. But I’m on the right track, so, hopefully, after another month I’ll be able to lift a little weight and start building up my chest and my arms.”Furthermore, as we had previously reported, Jeff Hardy reiterated his intentions of making an in-ring comeback before April 2018; adding that he’ll be good to go by then and be able to do what he loves doing.

Jeff Hardy continues his injury rehabilitation, and Sportskeeda sends good wishes to the former WWE Champion on his road to recovery. The WWE Universe will be updated regarding his status as and when it improves.

Jeff Hardy is perhaps one of the biggest risk-takers in the business. It’s quite disheartening to see him suffer such a bad injury, and for those unaware…Yes! Shoulder injuries are tough to deal with, and even harder to come back from. Here’s hoping the injury doesn’t adversely affect Jeff’s high-risk style when he does make his WWE comeback.

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