The Shield and The Miz interact after Raw went off the air

Miz was less than thrilled with what happened after Raw went off the air

This week’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw saw a new Intercontinental Champion, as Roman Reigns won the title. The Miz was unable to retain his title, and Roman’s Spear made sure he stayed down for the three count.After Raw went off the air, The Miz was not going to head to the locker room in silence. He took a mic and addressed the audience, insulting them. He was interrupted by all three members of the Shield as they shut him up in usual Shield manner.

The Miz has not had the best of nights for twice in a row. In Survivor Series, he lost his match against Baron Corbin and became the first of the Raw participants to lose a fight against SmackDown Live. He encountered Daniel Bryan backstage after the show which just rubbed salt on his wounds.Monday Night Raw was even worse for The Miz. His interview with Roman Reigns went wrong with all three Shield Members coming to the ring and eventually attacking The Miztourage. Reigns challenged him to a match for his Intercontinental Title. Kurt Angle made the match official for that very night. The Miz was unable to retain his Championship against Reigns, who became the new Intercontinental Champion.

After Raw went off air, Miz had few things that he wanted to say to the Houston audience before leaving. He gave an egotistical speech, where he called himself the biggest star in WWE. He went on to insult the city and said they did not deserve him, and blamed them for his loss of the title. He talked about his movie career and the fact that he would go home to Maryse. He said his old catchphrase of ‘I’m Awesome’, and turned to find the Shield behind him. He tried to get out of his predicament by saying his rib was injured and offered to shake Roman’s hand congratulating him on the title win. Unfortunately, they were not fooled by his antics. Rollins hit him with a superkick after which Dean proceeded to throw him head-first into the Electronic Display board.

They cleared the Announcers table and gave him a Triple Powerbomb through it. Watch the entire encounter here:

The Miz might have a rematch for the title soon. He is unlikely to immediately win it back as Roman will most probably hold it for at least a month. The Miz knows how to entertain and be a hated heel. Possibly one of the best heels in WWE, his work on the mic only makes him better. He made the Intercontinental title mean something after years of its value fading. Hopefully, he will soon regain the title once again.

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