Dean Ambrose Says He Misses The Blood From His Time In The Indies

Can Dean Ambrose be a Vampire?

Dean Ambrose was in a Q & A session with, where he answered quite a few interesting questions. One of the answers that stuck out though was the answer to what he missed most from his time in the Independents.

His answer lived up to his reputation as The Lunatic Fringe, with Ambrose revealing that he misses blood in his matches from his time on the Independent scene.

WWE turned PG sometime after 2006, and as a result, the style of their programming content changed dramatically. The previous era included generous amounts of blood in their in-ring wrestling style, with almost nothing forbidden during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras.

Dean Ambrose was used to a different style of matches when he was wrestling on the Independent scene.

His run with Insanity Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling are particularly memorable. He was involved in dangerous matches, wrestling under the moniker of ‘Jon Moxley’.

Dean Ambrose revealed in a Q & A that he missed blood in wrestling from his time in the Independent scene. This is one thing that he will never be able to bring back to his wrestling style while working for WWE.

Dean’s wrestling style is unique and is completely different from any other wrestler on the roster at the moment. Blood may not be needed to make wrestling better, but something that cannot be ignored is that it definitely added a certain sense of drama to the match.

Dean and Seth Rollins are set to represent Raw as they take on SmackDown Live’s Tag Team Champions, The Usos, in a Champion vs Champion tag match at Survivor Series.

Dean’s ‘Jon Moxley’ side will need to be dormant to follow WWE’s policies, and he will not be able to do whatever he used to on the Independent scene. Post his time in WWE, he might make a return to the Independent scene to quench his vampiric desires.

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