AJ Styles Open To The Idea Of The Club VS The Shield

Could this fantasy encounter see the light of day?

Ever since The Shield reunited, they have set social media buzzing with sheer excitement. AJ Styles weighed in on the hype, and suggested that if he were to team up with Gallows and Anderson, his former mates from ‘The Club’, they could fare well against the Hounds of Justice.

We thankĀ Wrestling Inc. for the transcript of the interview that AJ Styles did with Planeta Wrestling. Let us know what you think of the fantasy match in the comments down below.

AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson were all part of the villainous Bullet Club from New Japan Pro Wrestling, and came into WWE with much fanfare last year, bypassing the NXT system. They even united for a while, as a trio, where their sole objective was to ‘beat up John Cena’.

However, following the brand split last year, The Club remained on RAW while AJ Styles was sent to SmackDown Live, where he became the WWE Champion. Many have longed for a reunion since the split occurred.

AJ Styles did not mince his words when he expressed his desire to reunite with his old tag team buddies and face The Shield:

Absolutely. I think that if Gallows and Anderson and I got together, we would dominate just like we’ve done before. There’s no doubt about it.

Rumours of another superstar shake-up have been doing the rounds for a while now. We wonder if this could be a possibility in the near future.

The Club and Jason Jordan seem to be at odds now, and as for AJ Styles, we wonder what’s next for him, following his inability to regain the United States Championship.

It may have seemed like an exciting encounter, some time ago. However, The Club are no longer the threat they once used to be, really. They’ve not been booked strongly at all. The Shield is far too strong a unit to fear ‘The Club’, in my opinion. It would still be interesting to see Styles and The Club united for me.

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