What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Free Beginners Guide

what is seo

What is SEO?

Well there are so many ways to generate lots of traffic on your blog or website, but what’s the best?

These ways include Social Traffic, Organic Traffic and Referral Traffic.

The traffic that we get from search engines is called organic traffic. Organic Traffic is considered to be the source of the best traffic.

Before learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), learn about organic traffic and search engines. Search Engines, such as Google, have created an algorithm, in which they offer different internet sites in Search Engine Results.

Search Engine takes into account some of the complex factors, and the webpage according to which it is best to any particular search query, displays it in search results in that order.

For the example, say a search query, “How to Start a Blog?”. Now this topic will show you thousands of results if you search on Google. But we usually only click on the same results that are in top pages. But why? In such cases, only a few posts which are ranked in the top pages, only they will get all the traffic and the remaining results will remain the same.

This is why search engines have fixed some rules under which search engine pays search results keeping many factors in mind.

Now the question arises, what are the factors? Actually nobody knows what such factors are in keeping in view that Search Engines rank websites or webpages.

But there are so many experts and there are many people with information related to their experience.

What is SEO?

SEO is given the name of building your blog or website in such a way that it can gain organic traffic by ranking in the search engines in great positions.

SEO is the full-form of SEO’s Search Engine Optimization. It has a direct meaning to optimize your blog or website for Search Engine.

Now the matter arises as to how SEO can be done, because everyone wants to visit the blog or website. There are many bloggers and internet marketers whose success is due to SEO. SEO is also an important role in ShoutMeLoud’s success.

Now you know a bit about SEO. To understand this topic easily, I have written the post of the post in Question-Answer style. Hope you will get good information about SEO by reading this.

Can anyone do SEO?

SEO is not hard to do. If you keep all things in mind and know some tips, you can also get high organic traffic by SEO easily.

Some of the key SEO factors

There are many such factors that we can keep in mind that we can optimize our blog or website for Search Engine. Some of the important factors are:

  • Quality of content
  • Use keywords with content
  • Use Visual Content such as Images and Videos
  • Hyperlinking
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Name and Hosting
  • Permalink

Many more … ..

How many types of SEO are there?

Generally, there are 2 types of SEO.

1. On Page SEO: This means that you work above your site to get a better rank in the search engine such as content quality, keyword optimization, title, tags etc.

2. Off page SEO: In this you do mostly link building activities such as forums, social media sharing and promotion, guest posting etc.

Some More Facts About SEO?

SEO is a very wide topic. It is so important that there are many people and companies who offer SEO services and do it like a business. If you want to make your blog successful then SEO can help you a lot. 80% of ShoutMeHindi is Traffic Organic.

If you understand what SEO is, then please read both of the following articles. In this we have given a complete guide to SEO that you can do on page seo and off page seo.

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