WordPress Plugins That Are Important to Your Blog – 2017 Edition

WordPress Plugins That Are Important to Your Blog – 2017 Edition

The secret of the success of WordPress is its plugins, with the help of which we can add the feature to our WordPress blog or website.

If you are new to the WordPress platform or do not know much about plugins, then please first read the article below and then continue this article.

By reading the above article, you will know what plugins are in WordPress, what is their role, and how you can install plugins for your WordPress blog or website.

Some plugins to be developed for WordPress are free of cost and you can install them in WordPress’s official plugin directory.

But there are also some premium Plugins that you have to purchase from third party developers. In total, you have an option of thousands of plugins.

Even in the official directory of WordPress, there are a number of plugins around 50,000 plugins. So you can think if a single plugin provides one or multiple features for your WordPress blog then you will not know what to do with 50,000 plugins.

But your thinking is also wrong because every single plugin is not so powerful and useful as there are some select plugins.

Today I’m going to share with you some plugins that everyone has to install in their WordPress blog or website.

1. Yoast

wordpress plugins

Yoast SEO is an All in one solution for your WordPress blog or website. It is available in two versions, Free and Premium. Apart from this, there are many more extensions available for blogs of different types. This plugin has contributed a lot to the success of the websites and blogs I have made so far.

Download Yoast SEO

2. WP Super Cache

Wordpress Plugins

WP Super Cache is also a must have plugin for your WordPress blog. The time of loading your blog is a very important factor.

Only the websites of those websites have higher traffic risk, which is much less loading time. WordPress uses the resources of your server to display any page or post on your website next to the user and then processes the php files behind it, and then the user can see that particular post or page. But in this processing, great web hosting can also take a few seconds time.

By using this plugin, you can cache all your pages and posts and store static HTML files on your blog’s hosting space.

This will serve your readers much more quickly to your pages or posts. In other words, the loading time of your blog will be greatly reduced and simply your traffic will increase.

Download Wp Super Cache

3. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

wordpress plugin

This is also an important plugin that matters from the SEO view point. By using this plugin you can add rich snippets and star ratings to your blog posts and pages in any way that will display in the search engine snippet.

Whether you have a gadget review blog or cooking blog, you can use this plugin to display the user star rating system and other important information in your post and display it in search engine results.

Download All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

4. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Wordpress plugin

This is a very powerful plugin and I would say one of the best plug-ins to date was what I got. As I mentioned earlier in this article, the loading time of your blog does matter too much from both the SEO point of view and the readers point of view.

Often images in your blog posts and pages take a lot of time to load. Considering the SEO recommendation, you should add compressed images to your blog. But do not you think that creating your images first and then compressing them will be a long time-consuming job.

So your problem solves this Compress JPEG & PNG images, which is made by world developer TinyPNG, who specializes in image compression, which automatically compresses your images while uploading.

If your blog is outdated and has too many images, you can compress all of your images from a single click and this will not make any difference to any of your blog related data like alt text.

Download Compress JPEG & PNG images

5. TinyMCE Advanced

wordpress plugin

It’s also a great plugin that adds many great features to your default WordPress visual post and page editor. These features include some popular Word processing features such as Find & Replace, Tables, etc. In other words, it adds to many features of any common WordPress processing software in the visual editor of your WordPress blog.

Download TinyMCE Advanced

6. Redirection

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If you have been running your blog for a long time or you have a lot of blog posts and pages in your blog, then I think that one such moment will come whenever you have any reason for any of your blog posts Or the page would have had to change the permalink. Anyway, you may wish to redirect some particular page to another page for some reason.

In any of these cases, the Redirection plugin is very useful for you to use any kind of redirections in any page or post of your blog.

Download Redirection

7. WP-Optimize

wordpress plugin

There are things on your web hosting that allow your WordPress blog or website to run successfully. The first thing is that all your content is saved in the file location of your web hosting and the other thing is the database of your WordPress blog which has all the instructions.

Without WordPress, your WordPress blog or website can not work. A database is something that can instruct all your content to present your blog to you. Therefore, you should also take backup of the database along with the data of your blog.

WP-Optimize is a very cool plugin to manage, optimize and repair the database.

Download Wp-Optimize

Other Must Have Plugins / Other Plugins Required

Jetpack – Multipurpose Plugin – Learn More: Full Review of Jetpack WordPress Plugin: Make Your Blog More Convenient
Akismet – Stops Spamming of Comments
OptinMonster – To get great conversios and email subscriptions
Monarch – for social media icons

If you know of a plugin that has a must have a WordPress plugin, then share it with us and with our readers.

Share this plugin with your blogger and webmasters friends Forget about me, these plugins can be very helpful.

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